ems training in udaipur

Time efficient

EMS is the quickest way to acquire the desired outcome when it comes to fitness. Only 25 minutes of EMS training equals 90 minutes of high intensity training at the gym. You do the math!

fast, lasting results

EMS is not a quick fix that goes away, it is a scientific method. Burn up to 500 calories/session. With a maximum of 2 sessions a week get lasting results, faster.

health benefits

It’s not just about having the body of your dreams. EMS is proven to reduce back pain, promote rapid fat and weight loss, reduce cellulite and even boost your immune system. Almost too good to be true.

rapid fat loss

EMS helps weight loss by helping build muscle, burn excess calories and promote rapid fat loss. Unlike regular exercise, you can start seeing results in 4-6 weeks if you stick to the plan.

of people reported reduced back pain.​
of people reported improved endurance.​
of people reported improved body shape.​
of people reported EMS training effective.​

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our trainers

Meet our friendly EMS Training team! They are all very experienced in working with a range of clients from professional athletes to post pregnancy mums.

They will do everything in their power to tailor your experience and achieve results.

get the body you always wanted!

We will set you achievable goals and track your progress. If you stick to our programme, there is no reason why you won’t achieve your target body shape in a short period of time.

Anyone can do it!

EMS will help you achieve fitness goals and target shape. So whether you are a professional athlete, or someone that hasn’t exercised for years, we can help you. We would welcome clients as young as eighteen or as old as ninety !

It doesn't hurt!

The electrical current is low impulse and completely safe. Whilst the sessions can be intense, the actual feeling of the current is gentle and non-invasive. Our trainers will tailor your routine so you won’t be stretched beyond your personal capabilities.

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